Intoducing Roan Soul

Roan Soul is the coming together of two songwriters / performers to create a fresh new sound – powerfully moving, yet smooth. Having worked together successfully through many recording projects, Robert Berry and Andi Schenck have decided to take their collaboration to the next level. The songs created in their collaboration come naturally as two long time friends explore their creative possibilities. Roan Soul hits with combining their favorite styles of Rock, Pop, R & B, and Latin.

Roan Soul partners with SOWF

The Special Operations Warrior Foundation has pledged support and assistance to the families of some 67,000 Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps special operations personnel.

All of this is accomplished through a network of donors and volunteers who are equally committed to the future of the families of fallen and wounded SOF warriors.

Read more about SOWF, their mission and important special events at . Stay tuned for news regarding a big event with the Houston Astros and the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

All 100% of the profits from the sales of the book "Heart of a Drummer" go to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. A charity that benefits the children and families of our fallen and severely wounded Special Ops Forces. "Heart of a Drummer" is the story about the root and development of the music of ROAN SOUL.

Buy the book, "Heart of a Drummer",

Download the song "House of Love" by Roan Soul - sales go to the SOWF.       House Of Love - Walk The World

Download an album by Roan Soul     Roan Soul

"Walk the World" & "Redefining" Available at iTunes Now